Lab Partners

Spirent is proud to partner with these best-in-class lab partners to put customers’ solutions to the test, create unique test methodologies and deliver the industry’s highest value test and measurement solutions.

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China ComputerWorld Labs was founded in 1995, and is the foremost IT media labs in China. Today, the Labs is a subsidiary testing and evaluation body of China ComputerWorld. For decades, China ComputerWorld Labs has been leading the paces of development in the industry and dedicated to technology tracking and product evaluation focusing on the IT industry, providing a great amount of excellent contents to various newspapers and Websites.
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China Network World Labs is a professional media testing and evaluation laboratory established in 2001 by the China Network World Press, which has been engaged in close technology cooperation with Internet media—Network World in the United States. China Network World Labs has successfully tested and evaluated a number of network products of various grades.
Herbert Almus founded EANTC in 1991 as part of the Interdepartmental Research Center for Networking and Mulitmedia Technology of the Technical University of Berlin (TUB), Germany and spun off as EANTC AG eight years later, supporting manufacturers, service providers, carriers and enterprises. Testing expertise includes FDDI, high-speed networking, Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), IP (Internet Protocol) switching, Triple Play, Voice over IP and mobile network technologies.
Established in Silicon Valley in 2003, Iometrix is the successor to ENL (European Network Laboratories) the pioneering test lab Bob Mandeville founded in 1991 in Paris, France. Iometrix provides globally recognized and trusted certification tests as the official test laboratory of the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) and the Broadband Forum (BBF). Iometrix has authored test specifications in several leading standards bodies including the IETF, IEEE, MEF, MSF, IP/MPLS Forum and BBF.
Founded in 1988, Miercom is a privately held network consultancy, specializing in networking and communications-related product testing and analysis for products as diverse as IP-PBXs, UTM, UC, SAN switches, SIP phones, IPS and IDS systems.
Network Test is an independent test lab and engineering services consultancy focused on testing networking equipment and live networks for equipment manufacturers, large enterprises, service providers, industry consortia, and trade publications.
NSS Labs
Founded in 1991, NSS Labs operates the world’s largest independent security and performance lab. Their team has unparalleled expertise in the complex aspects of information security, across a wide range of technologies.
Opus One
Opus One® is a consulting and information technology firm based in Tucson, Arizona, founded in 1989. Opus One's corporate goal is to help our clients make the best use of information technology. We focus on efficient and effective solutions to problems of all sizes. Our specialties are in networking, electronic mail, and security.
With comprehensive expertise in automotive data communication and the interconnected world, RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS provides full service for manufacturers and suppliers for a smooth and on-time start of production (SOP). From its headquarters in Munich (Germany), RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS serves customers in the automotive industries of Europe, Asia, North and South America. The team of specialists provides the clientèle of leading car makers and suppliers comprehensive competence, successful project solutions and high customer orientations and quality.
The Tolly Group, an independent testing and strategic consulting organization based in Boca Raton, FL, offers a full range of services designed to furnish both the vendor and end-user communities with authoritative and unbiased information based on its expertise in assessing leading-edge technologies. In the past two decades, The Tolly Group has published hundreds of independent tests, technology articles, and opinion pieces in leading business and trade publications.
TÜV NORD is a world-leading technology service provider group working in more than 70 countries. They accompany their clients into the future with foresight and prudence, helping them to fulfil responsibilities towards people, technology and the environment. Their independent advisors develop solutions to make businesses more secure and to enhance the quality of goods and services.
Founded in 1988, the UNH-IOL provides independent, broad-based interoperability and standards conformance testing for data, telecommunications and storage networking products and technologies. Combining extensive staff experience, standards body participation and a 32,000+ square foot facility, the UNH-IOL helps companies efficiently and cost effectively deliver products to the market.
West Coast Labs
As a global leader in research, testing, certification and real-time performance validation for information security products and services with market-leading technology and testing facilities in the UK, USA, India and China. Leading global brands use WCL services to create market advantage, as well as both medium and large business enterprises wanting to obtain crucial technical insight into product performance.  WCL provides an authoritative and independent service, delivering sound, meaningful technical information from which critical business decisions can be made.
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ZOL Labs is the largest technical products test and review facility in China media industry, providing independent test report and reviews for Chinese consumers in IT and technical product lines. ZOL Labs was established in 2001. In ZOL Labs daily testing tasks are divided into 5 sub labs, including Main Lab, Digital Imaging Lab, Display Lab, Digital Home Lab and Commercial Products Lab, and we also have established long-term cooperation with 18 state level testing centers.

Advanced Test Programs

Spirent Communications’ Advanced Test Programs furthers the state-of-the-art of performance analysis and service assurance. This first-ever initiative in the communications sector provides targeted support for key organizations conducting the industry’s most advanced test and measurement activities. The Advanced Test Programs support test labs at leading universities, publications, trade shows, consortia, and advanced research facilities, as well as the industry’s most prestigious independent testing organizations. The Advanced Test Programs are a worldwide initiative that coordinates critical testing and research support across all divisions of Spirent Communications.

Advanced Test Programs Policy

Spirent Communications contributes to the advancement of new technology and test methodologies by its participation in industry forums such as the IETF, and publicly and privately conducted tests. The following statement describes our approach to testing and our neutral but supportive role in both public and private tests.

State-of-the-Art Test Methodologies

Our policy is to foster and author unbiased, industry agreed-upon, test methodologies that meet the highest standards possible and then implement such methodologies within our products.

Non-endorsement Policy

Spirent Communications has a policy of non-endorsement or comment on, the merits or demerits of any specific vendor products that are tested using Spirent test solutions, nor any test results, achieved by any vendor.

From time to time, Spirent Communications generates press releases jointly with customers, that refer to the qualities of our test equipment, or note advances in the industry, etc.

Spirent Never Conducts Industry Tests

Tests supported by the Spirent Advanced Test Programs are always conducted by independent test labs, magazines, etc., or by our customers who commission other third parties. We frequently facilitate these tests to make sure that new test methodologies and test systems are operating properly, but running such public or sponsored tests of vendors equipment and interpretation of results are performed by vendors or third parties. Our involvement can extend to re-creating test environments on participants or vendor sites, before after or during public tests, so that vendors can best reflect the tested functions and performance of their systems. It typically involves careful scrutiny of all the test system, installing applications or scripts, and setting up the tests for valid operation. If problems are found, we try to identify the cause and if necessary fix them in real time or identify issues with the device under test to help vendors improve their products. NDA and/or other agreements of confidentiality are always respected.

Public Tests Advance the State-of-the-Art

We relish public tests involving our customers and ferociously guard our unique tradition of being entirely neutral. Public tests almost always involve cutting-edge technology and frequently involve specially written or ground-breaking test methodologies. This benefits everyone including potential users of devices, vendors who test well, vendors who subsequently work to improve their products and Spirent Communications as we are continually committed to improve our products. We believe this impartiality, and our passion for making the best test systems is why we continue to be the test platform of choice in such evaluations.

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