Countering jamming, spoofing and interference

The threats to GNSS-based positioning, navigation and timing are increasing in number and in prevalence. Use the resources below to help you measure and improve the robustness of your PNT system in the face of jamming, spoofing and other types of interference.

Fundamentals of GPS Threats

From jamming to solar storms, understand the growing threats to satellite navigation signals, and how they can impact your critical systems.

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Detecting and Protecting Against GPS Cyberthreats

GNSS-reliant systems are at risk from jamming, spoofing, and other types of deliberate or accidental interference. This paper explains what you can do about it.

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GSS200D Interference Detector

Understand the hidden threats in your RF environment by monitoring GNSS interference activity at a site of interest.

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GSS7765 Interference Simulation

Combine with a Spirent GNSS simulator to create a comprehensive solution for testing location-aware equipment in the presence of RF interference.

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What else can we help with?

  • I’d like to understand which performance tests I should run – and how to run them.

  • I’d like help with testing different GPS/GNSS receivers to ensure I choose the right one.

  • I’d like to understand how to measure and improve the performance of my PNT system.

  • I’d like to explore ways to test faster and at lower cost, without sacrificing quality.

  • I’d like to bring real world GNSS signals into the lab for repeatable testing.


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