Test, analyze and validate in-vehicle and V2X networks

Spirent automotive test solutions help optimize all aspects of in-vehicle and V2X connectivity to provide the experiences that modern drivers and passengers demand. Test your new automotive devices and networks to ensure they conform to industry standards, meet customer expectations, and deliver market-leading performance.

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Automotive Solutions Overview

V2X / V2I Communications

Automotive Test Solutions

In-Vehicle Networking

The need for higher-capacity in-vehicle networks and conformance to standards requires new testing approaches. Spirent’s expertise in Automotive Ethernet testing helps you ensure that data services are delivered reliably and securely.

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Connected Vehicles / V2X

Spirent’s complete range of radio frequency and wireless test solutions help you bring your V2X/C-V2X products to market faster by reducing or eliminating expensive and time-consuming field testing.

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Time-Sensitive Networking

Test your automotive and industrial TSN devices and networks with Spirent solutions to ensure they are in sync with industry networks and deliver the performance and reliability that time- and safety-critical applications require.

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Navigation and Autonomy

Evaluate the performance, quality and reliability of your safety critical GNSS applications in Automotive and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Perform device/vehicle simulation, receiver characterization, hardware testing, system validation, and operational testing.

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Spirent's automation solutions incorporate sophisticated testing methodologies to provide efficient, high quality testing of modern communication services regardless of technology, operating system, or implementation domain.

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Ensure compliance to latest standards

Spirent is working with government agencies, laboratories, standards bodies and commercial organizations to successfully implement new features and services that form the intelligent transportation systems and connected vehicles of the 21st century.




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