You’ve promised that 5G, SD-WAN, and virtual will change the game. Now it’s time to deliver. New technology needs a new approach to assuring networks and services. It’s got to be integrated with the network and, most importantly, it’s got to be proactive.

The Power of Proactive

New networks aren’t just more complex – they’re also changing at an unprecedented pace. How can you ensure all that change and complexity work? You need to proactively test the network before going live and continuously monitor it afterwards. Active Assurance is the only way to address these critical needs.

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Introducing VisionWorks Active Assurance

VisionWorks delivers Active Assurance for 5G and LTE, SD-WAN, Ethernet and IP, and virtual networks. VisionWorks’ cloud-native architecture makes it easy and cost-effective to seamlessly integrate assurance into the network. Active Test agents proactively test new network functions, slices, and services before they go live and continuously monitor them afterwards. VisionWorks Active Assurance complements traditional passive monitoring to tame next generation complexity.

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Mobile Networks (5G, LTE & more)

Mobile network functions used to sit in well-defined elements. Now they’re virtualized and distributed across the network. Learn how a tier 1 operator relies on Active Assurance to tame this complexity so they can assure the connectivity of business-critical mobile VPN and IoT services.

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SD-WAN brings great opportunity and even greater competition. Learn how a tier-1 service provider is complementing passive SD-WAN monitoring with Active Assurance to make sure their new underlay network delivers a great SD-WAN experience and keeps operational costs in check as they grow.

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Ethernet and IP

As 5G and SD-WAN roll out, demand for high-speed business services and backhaul is surging. Learn how a tier-1 mobile operator integrated Active Assurance with network management and back office systems to accelerate small cell backhaul activation by 10x and reduce operational costs.

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